Introducing colleagues to SIMIODE

SIMIODE offered an Exhibit Booth and an Open House at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Seattle, Washington USA, 6-10 January 2016. We met with many, many  colleagues and shared news and nature of SIMIODE with them. Some 200 faculty and students signed up for SIMIODE and are now on the web community, some in our Teachers Group and some in our Students group as appropriate.

We gave away lots of SIMIODE pen, light, stylus devices and many folks won a SIMIODE T-shirt in our many drawings.  Folks attending our Open House answered our SIMIODE site search trivia questions and won a T-shirt while others discussed issues surrounding teaching differential equations in a modeling-first approach. We will report on these when we return home in early February. Currently we are on the road and will be visiting colleagues, friends, and sights, as well as giving a talk on SIMIODE at Oregon Klamath Falls OR USA.

We were pleased to inform folks about our SIMIODE community who had not heard of SIMIODE or who had heard, but only faintly so, about our work. Almost all were excited about what we offered and the approach we espoused and wanted to know more about  our work. It was rewarding to meet face-to-face with new friends in teaching differential equation using modeling and applications. Many had been doing so in their own teaching and just wanted to contact others of like mind and some were genuinely interested in getting started in this approach.

It is our hope that by joining the SIMIODE community colleagues will see new ideas and materials, try using the modeling scenarios we offer, and share and submit their own modeling efforts in support of teaching differential equations. We welcome all and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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