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Mike Jones is the Editor of the MAA journal Mathematics Magazine. In a lunch conversation yesterday with Mike he noted that the magazine is looking for articles of an applied mathematics nature. While each of the five issues published in a year contain very rich and interesting mathematics the number of applied mathematics articles has not been high and Mike seeks out material in this area.

This is a good opportunity to share rich modeling scenarios developed by colleagues in a supportive, respected, peer-reviewed, well-edited, and widely read venue, Mathematics Magazine.

One can learn more about the magazine's interests and coverage at the Guidelines for Author page. Indeed, we print the essence here - emphasis provided to reflect encouraging words.

"General information

"Mathematics Magazine is an expository journal of undergraduate mathematics.

"Articles submitted to the Magazine should be written in a clear and lively expository style. The Magazine is not a research journal; papers in a terse "theorem-proof" style are unsuitable for publication. The best contributions provide a context for the mathematics they deliver, with examples, applications, illustrations, and historical background. We especially welcome papers with historical content, and ones that draw connections among various branches of the mathematical sciences, or connect mathematics to other disciplines.

"Every article should contain interesting mathematics. Thus, for instance, articles on mathematical pedagogy alone, or articles that consist mainly of computer programs, would be unsuitable.

"The Magazine is an undergraduate journal in the broad sense that its intended audience is teachers of collegiate mathematics and their students. One goal of the Magazine is to provide stimulating supplements for undergraduate mathematics courses, especially at the upper undergraduate level. Another goal is to inform and refresh the teachers of these courses by revealing new connections or giving a new perspective on history. We also encourage articles that arise from undergraduate research or pose questions to inspire it. In writing for the Magazine, make your work attractive and accessible to non-specialists, including well-prepared undergraduates."

While we here at SIMIODE are always seeking Modeling Scenarios, materials from which to teach a modeling-first approach to differential equations, the Mathematics Magazine is an excellent place to share the richness of this applied mathematics and its contexts. Consider sharing your work in modeling with differential equations through an article in Mathematics Magazine and tell Mike we sent you!

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