SIMIODE Needs Support

For several years now SIMIODE has been fully supported by one family with some help earlier this year from COMAP. We have now realized we need to broaden that base of support and so we have applied for and been grated 501(c)3 NonProfit Educational Organization status by the IRS. This permits us, in good conscience, to solicit financial support from individuals, foundations, and government agencies.

It takes money to operate a complex web environment such as the HUBzero platform on which SIMIODE resides. While our two Technical Directors, who also serve on our Board of Contributing Advisors, serve us well there are many things we want to do to enhance our presentation, utilize the awesome features of the HUB, and facilitate communication. These all take time, effort, and ultimately money. That is why we have put a DONATE button on our Front Page so all can know we need help and appreciate support.

Here are some of the things we do and plan to do:

  • sponsor workshops for faculty using SIMIODE materials,
  • bring together developers who create SIMIODE materials,
  • spread the word about SIMIODE at regional and national meetings,
  • run regional and national student modeling competitions,
  • develop and enhance our web community, and
  • reach out to others with our modeling-first differential equations approach.

Our Mission Statement and our SIMIODE White Paper - Reasons for SIMIODE will give you reasons as to why SIMIODE should merit support and we ask you to read them, reflect on what we are trying to do, and hopefully come to the conclusion that SIMIODE is worthy of your support.  If you come to a positive conclusion then please support our community by making a contribution at our DONATE page. We would really appreciate that.

Thank you.

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