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We recently received the following email from SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) and wanted to share it with you. We strongly suggest you check out their videos, for they demonstrate the diverse power and beauty of applying mathematics and the incredibly supportive role of mathematics in many areas.  For example, at Disney Studios they are concerned about, "How can we make hair and clothing look more natural in animation?"  Imagine encouraging a math major to get a job as one whose main responsibility is to "develop and maintain hair and cloth simulation tools." Well that is what Dr. Alex McAdams, Senior Software Engineer at Walt Disney Animation Studios, does, and he does it with joy and rewards -  to be part of an Academy Award winning team with Oscar statue for best animated picture, Frozen. Perhaps you saw it, but never realized all the mathematics necessary for realistic animations. 

"As a stakeholder in the field of applied mathematics, we wanted to make sure you're aware of a recent collaborative campaign we've been working on with Mathematical Association of America.

"Preparation for Industrial Careers in Mathematical Sciences - or PIC Math - is a resource-based program geared toward increasing awareness among mathematical sciences faculty and students about non-academic career options; providing research experience working on real problems from business, industry, and government; and preparing students for industrial careers.

"Because we think this campaign is so important, we've created a "share package" - filled with social media, e-newsletter, press release, blog, and email drafts - that you can grab and use to share with your networks. Just copy and paste the text into your communication channel of choice. Check it out here.

"Of particular note are the short videos which show how industry professionals are innovatively applying their mathematical knowledge to improve business marketing strategiesclarify the logistics of nuclear waste storageenhance realism in CGI movie animation, and more.

"Thanks in advance for your sharing!

"Please direct any questions to Max Hayes at

"Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
3600 Market Street, 6th Floor, Philadelphia, PA, 19104-2688 USA
Phone: +1 215 382 9800 Fax: +1 215 386 7999 "

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