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  1. Brian Winkel

    About Creating a Forum in SIMIODE

    Members of the SIMIODE community who are registered at can create a Forum in which colleagues can communicate and exchange ideas on topics of interest.

    The procedure for creating a Forum is done inside a Group, either one to which the member belongs already or which is formed for the purpose of establishing a Forum. If a Group is created to house a Forum then the Group creator will be the Manager of that Group with rights and privileges concerning maintenance and offerings in the Group and the Forum.

    Information about Group and Forum is offered on individual members’ Dashboard on the left side of the screen; first Click on Groups to see the list of groups to which the member belongs. Upon selecting a Group if the member is the Group Manager (most likely due to creating the group) the member will see Forum option. Clicking on Forum will show all the forums available to the member. The same listing of forums will be offered to a Group member who clicks on the Group for forums not started by the Member, but perhaps started by the Manager of that Group.

    If an individual member wishes to start a Forum for and in a group they do not Manage or more broadly this member can request of the Director through email, to have a Forum started for the group by offering Title of the Forum and a short Description of its purpose with a rationale. The Director will then ascertain the appropriateness of the forum, create the forum on behalf of the member, and inform the member of formation so discussions can commence.

    Once you are at the Group of which you are a member you will see the following message when you click on Forum, “This forum is currently empty and requires some set-up by the managers before it can be used.” That is your signal to write to the Group Manager (click on Members icon to see who that is) or to the Director, for assistance in setting up the Forum as outlined above, namely providing Title and Description so the Forum can be formed as you wish.

    Such Forum creation renders a Forum which is ONLY visible to Group members through their Forum entries in their Dashboard.

    Larger Forum creation resulting in forums, say under Community tab on the home/landing page, are the responsibility of the Director or other SIMIODE web administrator, but registered users can contribute to these forums. Indeed, such contributions are welcomed and encouraged.

    A member of SIMIODE can add to a Discussion in a Forum by Adding a Post. To do this click on the Discussion topic/entry and add a discussion item.

    A member of SIMIODE can add a New Discussion in a Forum by clicking on the New Discussion button on right side of the screen.

    We hope this discourse on Forums in SIMIODE helps establish and foster conversations.

    Please direct questions to

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