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  • Created 19 May 2018

About the Group

Public Description

This is a group for SCUDEM III 2018 Local Site Host Coordinators.

Through this group SIMIODE Leadership will make announcements and communicate with host coordinators. In addition, host coordinators can ask questions, make suggestions, and communicate with others concerning issues related to SCUDEM.

Information on status of registered teams, schedules, technical issues, etc. will be posted here as well.

Most importantly in this Group all the Executive Summary and Presentations from all the teams will be collected as follows at Noon on Competition Saturday. This is a Project for uploading final Executive Summary and Presentation efforts of ALL SCUDEM III 2018 Teams.

12:00 Noon on Competition Saturday: Executive Summaries and Presentations Collected

  • SCUDEM Assistant (SA) - Collect Executive Summary (PDF format) and Presentation (via flash drive) from each team before lunch and upload for afternoon Presentation/Judging sessions in separate rooms.   Presentation must have PDF version and PowerPoint version.
  • Both documents should have full identification internally as to Problems chosen (A, B, or C), Team member full names, Coach full name, and School Full name.
  • Documents should have name ES-x-CornwallUniversity-Team-y and PR-x-CornwallUniversity-Team-y respectively where ES and PR are the designators for Executive Summary and Presentation, respectively.  Here  x = A, B, or C for problem number and y = 1, 2, 3, . .  for y-th team from school, in this case CornwallUniversity.
  • Place in Project called, “Executive Summaries and Presentations,” of SCUDEM III 2018 Local Site Host Coordinator Group, into two appropriate folders, “Executive Summary” and “Presentation” through upload process.  This Project has been created by SIMIODE Leadership (SL) ahead of event, for availability by local Host Coordinator (HC) and SCUDEM Assistant (SA) on logged in machines anywhere.
  • WARNING:  Also make copies of all Presentations on several thumb drives for each Presentation room in case of connectivity to internet failure.