The day before school starts...

I've got my m&m's ready to go!  Just finished my syllabus (file:Yagodich_D_MA213-1_Spring_2019.docx not found), my course outline (file:MA213_Sping_19-1_Tentative_Course_Outline.docx not found) and my first quiz (file:Quiz1.tex not found).  It's a take home quiz based on partial fraction decomposition to remind students that they'll need their math skills from previous math courses.

Something I am going to try new based on the JMM conference is giving students a bonus point on any assignment they turn in using LaTeX.  I have two written assignments due each week (they'll be uploading them into the Pearson MyLab Math software as a "show work" question) as well as modeling projects.  I'm having students use OverLeaf (formerly ShareLaTeX) so I can help if they need it by sharing me the file.  The account with Overleaf is free if you only share with one person.

Overleaf seems to have some very good templates to help students along.  I am also uploading the tex code for the quiz on the Blackboard site to get them started.  We'll see how that goes!

I'm attaching my syllabus, class calendar, and my m&m handouts for those interested to this post. The one titled m_an_m_activity m_and_m_activity_no_imm.docx (13 KB) also includes the first (very informal) lab report students need to complete.

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  1. Brian Winkel

    Great idea.

    Will you devote class time to get them familiar with simple LaTeC code and some formatting in LaTeX, the latter being harder than the former?

    Most folks really feel good about making their scratchy hand written (at least mine was) look like a professional paper or text.

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    1. Dina Yagodich

      I think I might have some off-class time in a workshop (and perhaps coordinate it with the STEM tutoring center).  But I'm going to see how students react and feel about it.  A one-credit MATLAB course is a co or pre req for the class, so everyone has a touch of programming ability.  We'll see how it goes!  (But I do find students will do almost anything for non-consequential bonus points...)


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