Progress Report: At the End of Week 10

We could not have lab this week because Tuesday--our lab day--followed a Monday schedule.

Let me explain my schedule for the past few weeks.  I only meet my class twice a week.  Because I was presenting at the ICTCM during Week 7, I replaced Friday, March 11th with a set of videos.  That went very well.  Then Spring Break was Week 8.  In Week 9 was also met just once because we were off on Good Friday.  And this week, Tuesday follows a Monday schedule!  Once again, we will meet only once this week.  And since there is no lab available on Friday, we cannot have a lab this week.  So between March 8th and April 1st, we met for one 75-minute period and we had one class of videos.  My original plan to test on April 1st had to be changed, and we moved the test to April 15th.  So it was off to the races as far as "covering material' goes.

I will keep you informed.  Please contact me at if you are a student or teacher and I will give you access to a Project area in SIMIODE where you can find materials appropriate to you from my Blog references.

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