Progress Report: At the End of Week 12

I was careless because I simply did not realize the impact that this crazy schedule would have on my class.  First, I really like to give 3 tests and a final.  That used to take 150 minutes out of class time and leave me with one class during a testing week that can be review and one class that can be a lab.  In fact, I have found that students are never more ready for a lab and new ideas than after a test.  However, now that my class only meets twice a week, testing takes 225 minutes out of class time.  It also means that there is only one other day that week for review.  At the beginning of the semester I told my students that I would test on Fridays and would reserve the Tuesday of that week for review.  I won't promise that again.  So I could not have a lab this week because Test #2 was given and the Tuesday before the test is reserved for review.      

I will keep you informed.  Please contact me at if you are a student or teacher and I will give you access to a Project area in SIMIODE where you can find materials appropriate to you from my Blog references.

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  1. Brian Winkel


    We all need to adjust, not just to "crazy schedule," but to new approaches. We appreciate your sharing your coping approaches and I know the students value what you are offering them in whatever "packaging" or 'schedule.' When the semester is over you will have breathing time to really reflect and revise and plan for next time around. Thank you for sharing.


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