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    Train others on solving math problems in industry

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    My History ---------- I attended Oregon State U. and majored 3 years in Electrical Engineering. Then I switched to a Math major for my final years and graduated with a B.S. in Math (1967). Developed several Apps for Engineers & Scientists. My first job was with Lockheed Aircraft Co. building the SR-71 (Black Bird). One assignment had me designing the pilot's suit. It was to be 1/4" thick consisting of 5 materials and required to drop the outside temperature from its high to 98 degrees next to the pilot's body temperature. A great math problem! Another job was at Memorex Corp. designing a "Matched Filter" for a 14" disc drive. This electrical filter was to make an isolated pulse more symmetric and slimmer. The more symmetrical and slimmer a pulse, would help minimize the "Pattern-Induced-BitShift" (PIB). Heavy math problem! (Main LaPlace transform equation took me 22 pages of hand written notes to derive the necessary equations. Oh, those little minus signs kept giving me trouble!) Next job was at Lockheed Missiles & Space Co. Here I had different assignments. One assignment had me analyzing, what is called Digital Signal Processing (DSP), a plume from a space craft to try and label it as a "Friend or Foe". If its a Friend no problem, but a Foe may require action to be taken or it may shoot you down. This job required understanding the Fourier Transform. (FFT algorithm was being used. I switched to 10+ other algorithms and partially solved the problem.) For more, see my SpectrumSolvers v. 6 app... . After a lay-off in 1991, I started writing my math textbook/casebook. 29 years later the book is done plus a website, 4 apps developed, & front-end for a compiler I developed in order to show a new Calculus-level computer language that makes solving math problems very easy. This 'new' language takes a 'automobile' level computer to a 'airplane' level computer. Design solution times drop by (around) 95%; i.e. what took 20 months is now done in less than 1 month and the solution is optimal. 1991-2020 Optimal Designs Enterprise President/Consultant Main objective is to train Engineers & Scientists to solve their own math problems without real programming. Most modeling, simulation & optimization problems can be solved in a page or two with the aide of a calculus-level (programming) language/compiler. Freeware Math Apps for Windows ------------------------------ Developed six specialized software applications for the engineering community (visit my website for more): • CurvFit™ application solves fitting data to an math expression; recommend the Lorentzian series for real world data problems. Sine & Damped Sine series are also available. • FC-Compiler™ application is a (free) Calculus-level Compiler that simplifies Tweaking parameters in ones math model. FC solves Algebraic through Ordinary Differential Equations; Laplace transforms; etc. FC is based on Automatic Differentiation that simplifies computer code to an absolute minimum; i.e., a mathematical model, constraints, and the objective (function) definition. • Match-n-Freq™ solves pole/zero locations for a matched filter that is known for pulse slimming or shaping characteristics. Program determines optimal transfer function, H(s).; and, • SpectrumSolvers™ provides 13 spectral estimation algorithms for comparing Power Spectral Density (PSD) results. Algorithms include Akaike, Burg, Durbin, Maximum Likelihood Method, Mayne-Firoozan, Prony, Yule-Walker, and et al. ---

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