SIMIODE Remote Teaching Modules

SIMIODE Remote Teaching Modules

SIMIODE is funded by the US National Science Foundation.

We understand the difficulty in shifting traditionally face to face classes to remote or online teaching, but we at SIMIODE believe that modeling in the differential equations course can still happen in an online environment. To support your remote and online classes, we've selected a series of SIMIODE activities and developed materials suitable for use in an online format. These are ready to use for Teachers, or you are welcome to modify them as needed. 

We are hosting a live, non-recorded Q&A session and posting summary FAQ ONLY  from these sessions. This will support open and candid conversations about current online teaching efforts. 

SIMIODE leaders conducted a Panel Discussion and Q&A on teaching differential equations remotely using modeling these materials at 4:00 PM Eastern US Time,  Thursday, 13 August 2020. We post Questions and Panel Answers from participants.

Join us and visit  for hundreds of other teaching Modeling Scenarios and resources.

Please note that access to these materials requires a SIMIODE login (Register Free) whereupon we will place you in our Teachers Group for FULL access to ALL SIMIODE resources.

Each module contains:

1)  A brief teaching guide with an overview of the content and activity, including any necessary prerequisite material; 

2) Videos and materials to assign to students; 

3) An assessment guide.

Here we provide links to the SIMIODE Remote Teaching Modules. We list them in the manner of a traditional text/course Table of Contents.

All SIMIODE Remote Teaching Modules are FREEly available to Teachers who register in SIMIODE. Indeed, all is FREE inside SIMIODE. Come join our Community of Practice and find hundreds of teaching resources.


First order, linear, ordinary differential equations

First order, nonlinear, ordinary differential equations

Second order, linear ordinary differential equations

Linear systems, ordinary differential equations

Nonlinear systems, ordinary differential equations