Project Ideas and Resources

Project Ideas and Resources

Brian Winkel, Director, SIMIODE 

We offer hundreds of resources, mainly published articles and links to articles, at Project Ideas and Resources. These materials can serve as resources for faculty to create class projects or author and publish Modeling Scenarios in SIMIODE. They can also serve students who are seeking projects for their course work or own edification. 

As much as possible these resources are listed as Year, Author(s), and Title (or descriptive name). At each resource there is a description, often the abstract, and some narrative. All have lots of tag words or keywords so the topic areas can be found in the search capability.

You can contribute your own resources at Project Ideas and Resources by clicking on the Start A new Potential Scenario Idea in the upper right hand corner of that page. Contributors must be registered in SIMIODE and logged in to do this.

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