Differential Equations (TextBook)

By Decker

Mathematics, University of Hartford, Hartfordl CT USA

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Decker, R. and B. Albright. 2015. Differential Equations. Available at http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/rdecker/deckeralbrightsummer15.pdf .  Accessed 10 August 2015.

This is a 301 page text covering the traditional topics of an ordinary differential equations course through Laplace Transforms. The authors do a very nice job motivating each topic with examples and modeling situations. While the exercise sets have traditional solving problems there are rich opportunities to do some mathematical modeling with differential equations.  The style is engaging and the narrative leads students into applications very nicely. The text has been used locally for over 10 years and so it has the wrinkles smoothed out for wider circulation use.

The authors make the text freely available to SIMIODE members here and on their web site http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/rdecker/deckeralbrightsummer15.pdf.

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