2017-Winkel, Brian - Stay Tuned - Modeling in Differential Equations Courses

By Brian Winkel


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Joint Mathematics Meetings 2017


Teaching and Learning of Undergraduate Ordinary Differential Equations, I


10:20 AM Friday, 6 January 2017

Marriott Marquis, A702 Atrium Level


Stay Tuned 

Modeling in Differential Equations Courses


Brian Winkel, PROF Emeritus, 

United States Military Academy

West Point NY USA

Director SIMIODE



We present two rich illustrations of modeling to motivate learning in a differential equations course: (1) Tuned Mass Dampers to keep structures from destructive displacements in the presence of earthquakes, tremors, and wind forces and (2) Radio Tuning of an electrical circuit.  We have found that application first is a great approach to motivate learning differential equations and we will illustrate this in these examples as well as point to other resources for doing so in SIMIODE - Systemic Initiative for Modeling Investigations and Opportunities with Differential (www.simiode.org)  where there are resources for teaching and a community in which colleagues can communicate, collaborate, publish, teach, explore, contribute, etc.

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