2010-Liakos, Kelly - A lion chases down an antelope

By Brian Winkel


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Liakos, Kelly. A lion chases down an antelope.  

http://calculus7.com/id9.html Accessed 4 September 2017.

This material comes the site, Calculus Animations, Graphics and Lecture Notes, which is dedicated to  a very creative teacher, Kelly Liakos. The opening says,  “In Loving Memory of Kelly Liakos, December 14, 1954 - February 28, 2010.  This site was developed by Kelly Liakos. This site contains animations, graphics, and lecture notes that he developed based on his 25 years of teaching.”

There is much excellent material to use in any teacher’s approach to calculus and differential equations at the site and we thank Kelly’s sister, Connie Liakos Evers, for maintaining this site.

This material comes from the page in which the author says,  “On this page are the lecture notes and animation which discuss one-dimensional motion with air resistance.” There is also an avi animation, created with MathCad of the graphical chase.

The lion chase material requires model formulation and solution, which is then used to plot the trajectory of the lion as it attempts to track down the antelope which is running in a straight line from the lion. The time and position of capture is rendered.

Keywords:  lion, antelope, chase, chase model, nonlinear, first order, differential equation, model

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