2009-Recktenwald, G. - Tank Draining Exercise.

By Brian Winkel


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Recktenwald, G. 2009. Tank Draining Exercise.

See  http://eet.cecs.pdx.edu/expt/tankdrain/pdf/tankDrainingLabExercise_Fall09.pdf . 16 pp. Accessed 7 September 2017.

As part of an experience Engineering in Everyday Things this paper describe deep mathematics, including differential equations concerned with modeling the draining of  tank and the shape of the water coming out the bore hole at the bottom of the tank of water. It also describes the equipment and software used to conduct the data collecting. The effort use the Bernoulli Equation and the Energy Equation.

Keywords:  tank, column, empty draining, Bermoulli equation, laboratory, data, differential equation, model, pressure, LabVIEW

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