2018-Schneebeli,Hans R. - Modeling Falling Bodies

By Hans Rudolf Schneebeli


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Modelling falling bodies is discussed using a computer algebra system-calculator and introducing various traditional and elementary methods from calculus as well as  numerics for dealing with the resulting ordinary differential equations.

This article is in German under the title, "Differentialgleichungen für den Fall des Falles."

In an appendix, "Comments on tools, solutions to selected tasks," solutions and comments for parts of the problems associated with this Falling Bodies material. The solutions are not complete. The case of turbulent flow is left open. This seems legitimate since some of the problems are posed in a rather open form suited for project-like work [transsonic velocities for a parajumper]. Here any "standard solution" might risk limiting the students’ creativity and curiosity by focusing attention exclusively on some solutions sketched in a purported  "ideal solution."

Hans R. Schneebeli was born in 1946 in Zurich, Switzerland and obtained the following degrees: MSc Mathematics ETH Zuerich 1972 and PhD Mathematics ETH Zurich 1977  in homological methods in group theory.

He taught mathematics from 1978-2011 at the pre-university level in Switzerland with a special interest in relevant applications accessible in High School/College, motivated by publications such as UMAP-modules. He is retired and is now a potter.

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