2018-Schneebeli, Hans R. - Population Modeling

By Hans Rudolf Schneebeli1, Claudio Marsan1

1. Switzerland

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This paper offers many problems inolving a single population model while introducing several specific models. Both numerical methods and qualitative anlyses are offered.

The paper is in German and is entitled, "Populationsmodelle: Eine Einführung in Differentialgleichungen."

Hans R. Schneebeli was born in 1946 in Zurich, Switzerland and obtained the following degrees: MSc Mathematics ETH Zuerich 1972 and PhD Mathematics ETH Zurich 1977  in homological methods in group theory.

He taught mathematics from 1978-2011 at the pre-university level in Switzerland with a special interest in relevant applications accessible in High School/College, motivated by publications such as UMAP-modules. He is retired and is now a potter.

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