2012-Sharma, P. K. - Transient State Analysis of a damped & forced oscillator.

By Brian Winkel


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Sharma, P. K. 2012. Transient State Analysis of a damped & forced oscillator. International Journal of Computers Electrical and Advanced Communications Engineering. 1(2):190-196.

Abstract: This paper deals with the behaviour of an oscillator in its initial stage of oscillation. How are energy, displacement etc of the oscillator change with time? How does the phase difference between the driving force and velocity change with time in forced oscillation? Can we conserve energy of free damped and forced oscillation during first few seconds? How does the oscillator absorb energy from the supply when we drive it? How does the vibrating oscillator attain its steady state? How does an oscillation in steady state decay when the driving force is turned off? These all questions are answered in this paper.

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