Announcing SIMIODE Text - Differential Equations: A Toolbox for Modeling the World.

By Brian Winkel


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SIMIODE is proud to announce a Preliminary  Preview Version of its forthcoming online text, Differential Equations:  A Toolbox for Modeling the World.

Authored by the distinguished teacher and writer, Kurt Bryan, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute IN USA, this text takes a modeling first and throughout approach to motivate the study and learning of differential equations in the spirit of SIMIODE, while linking to many SIMIODE Modeling Scenarios and other original activities.

The final online version will be available for purchase through SIMIODE for $39US as  low cost purchase beginning 15 May 2021.

The is available as a Preliminary Preview Version and is freely offered for immediate access to those who would like to review the work for course consideration. Request a copy of our Preliminary Review Version by contacting

Faculty who view this Preliminary Preview Version will have an opportunity to adopt this text for their students for Summer/Fall 2021 use in their teaching for a very modest cost per student of $45US make that $39US low cost version We also seek comments and feedback on the text at any time. Send them to .

Differential Equations:  A Toolbox for Modeling the World puts applications and modeling front and center in an introduction to ordinary differential equations. In taking this approach we do not skimp on or skip over the mathematics, but use applications to motivate both subject and technique. The mathematics presented is interwoven with modeling to drive both the mathematics and understanding of the application under study and to make the case that differential equations provide a powerful, indispensable toolbox for describing the world.

We also present some unconventional, but important topics not usually offered in introductory texts: dimensional analysis, parameter estimation, a brief introduction to control theory via Laplace transforms, stiff systems of differential equations, and a more thorough treatment of electrical circuits. The text includes numerous exercises, including inline ``Reading Exercises,'' as well as a section of more extensive modeling projects at the end of each chapter, many based on published SIMIODE projects, and many new activities. Several projects include data sets for experimentation and model validation.

We offer a walk through of the Table of Contents here. Click on Black Box Download pdf in upper right corner of screen.


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