2020-Serrano, Sergio - Differential Equation text using modeling and Maple

By Brian Winkel


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We share news of a rich source of materials for undergraduates studying differential equations.

DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS. Applied Mathematical Modeling, Nonlinear Analysis, and Computer Simulation in Engineering and Science,  Sergio E. Serrano, Ph.D.

An introduction to ordinary differential equations and systems of ordinary differential equations, including new analytical methods to solve nonlinear equations, mathematical modeling, computer programming, computer graphics with Maple, and applications in science and engineering.

 "... a new textbook that will thoroughly revolutionize the teaching and learning of differential equations with the vital goal of student retention always in sight."

Dr. Randolph Rach, original coauthor of the Adomian's Decomposition Method.

■ New analytical methods to solve nonlinear differential equations, for the first time available to undergraduates.

■ Designed to increase retention of engineering and science students.

■ Written for engineers by an engineer.

■ Integrated, balanced presentation of model development, solution methods, computer implementation, computer graphics, and analysis of system's response.

■ Mathematical and computer modeling with Maple. No prior knowledge of Maple required.

■ Emphasis on problem solving over mathematical rigorousness.

■ Clear and simple presentation of concepts with multitude of examples:

125 solved examples, 70 computer programs, 146 proposed problems, 17 illustrations, 118 computer graphs, answers to problems, detailed bibliography.

■ Preference of general, systematic, analytical methods over complex numerical methods.

■ Self-contained. Except for calculus, all necessary background is included.


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