By Chiu Choi

University of North Florida, Jacksonville FL USA

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In this project students will establish a mathematical model for an electric circuit as a second-order ordinary differential equation with constant coefficients. They will derive the initial conditions for this differential equation by using circuit laws. They will obtain its closed-form solution and its graph. The students will construct the same electric circuit in NI’s Multisim circuit simulation software [1] running on a PC. They will obtain the graph of the same solution by computer simulation. Free trial versions of this software are available for download from NI’s website [2]. If laboratory resources are available, students are encouraged to construct the same electric circuit physically on a prototyping board and use laboratory instruments to obtain the graph of the same solution experimentally. The students will compare the three graphs obtained from the closed-form solution, Multisim computer simulation, and the physical circuit. Matching results among these three graphs will reflect the accuracy of the differential equation-based mathematical modeling of electric circuits

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