By Iordanka Panayotova1, Maila Hallare2

1. Mathematics, Christopher Newport University, Newport News VA USA 2. Norfolk State University, Norfolk VA USA

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This modeling scenario guides students through the process of fitting the Lotka-Volterra model of two differential equations to a real time series observational data. Students use the capabilities of R and R studio, an integrated development environment for R, and the gauseR package, a collection of tools specialized for fitting Lotka-Volterra models to time series data. Students start the modeling scenario with fitting the logistic growth model to a given set of data while they are provided with the R code. Next, they are guided through the process of fitting the Lotka-Volterra model to a time series data of predator-prey and of two competing species. Throughout this activity, students learn how to extract the model parameters and make predictions for the future behavior of the interacting species using the fitted mathematical model. This modeling scenario can be done in class or out of class or even as a combination of both.

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