Student Registration

Student Registration for SCUDEM V 2020

Registration open now — closes 23 October 2020

Did you know you can register even if you don't have your own team or coach? SIMIODE can match you up with a coach or other participants to create a 3 person team.

Step 1 Complete the SCUDEM Student Registration form below.

            ALSO you must also complete Step 3 SIMIODE Student Registration.

Step 2 Pay the $10 USD registration fee (free for students in developing countries) here:

This information will help us match your registration with your payment.

Full Name
Full School Name
Coach's Name (if applicable)

Step 3 If you are not already a member of SIMIODE Community of Practice, register here for a free account. Under "Reason for Joining" indicate you are a SCUDEM V Challenger and list your school under "Organization." We will use this account to provide materials related to the challenge.

If you have any trouble accessing the form below, try this link.

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