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  1. SIMIODE EXPO 2021 - Minicourse M-R4 -  Unlocking Creativity and Enhancing Flexible Thinking through Art 

    17 Mar 2021 | Contributor(s):: Mike Naylor

    SIMIODE EXPO 2021 - Mike Naylor - How Mathematics Inspires Art Mike Naylor, Matematikkbølgen, Vanvikan NORWAYThis was a presentation made at the SIMIODE EXPO 2021  - see program.Abstract: We will start with a pattern arising from the solution to a puzzle, and see what...

  2. 10-001-S-TilingHallway

    12 Sep 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Rob Krueger, Eric Stachura

    Students will investigate difference equations through the context of tiling hallways. Students will observe patterns in the tiling which will lead to a difference equation model. Solutions will be calculated by iteration.  Then students will be introduced to the concept of the shift...