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  1. Sullivan, Eric. 2015. Numerical Methods - An Inquiry-Based Approach with Python

    21 Feb 2022 | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    Sullivan, Eric. 2015. Numerical Methods - An Inquiry-Based Approach with Python. Available at numericalmethodssullivan.github.io/ .Eric Sullivan of Carroll College, Helena MT USA has authored an exceptional numerical methods textbook. Numerical Methods - An Inquiry-Based...

  2. Adam Rumpf

    I am an applied mathematics instructor with a background in mathematical biology and operations research. I am quite interested in mathematics education and have released many open-access...


  3. 6-017-S-OncolyticViruses

    03 Aug 2021 | | Contributor(s):: Iordanka Panayotova, Maila Hallare

    In this project, students explore oncolytic virotherapy using systems of differential equations and numerical simulations. The first activity guides the students in simulating the dynamics between the uninfected cancer cells x(t), the oncolytic virus-infected cancer cells y(t),  and the...

  4. 9-020-S-HeatDiffusion

    14 Oct 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Kimberly Spayd, James Puckett

    This project guides students through experimental, analytical, and numerical techniques for understanding the heat (diffusion) equation with nonhomogeneous boundary conditions. In particular, students collect data and model a physical scenario in which heat energy diffuses through a long, thin...

  5. 3-011-S-EulerBallThrowing

    19 Aug 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Chris McCarthy

    If a tennis ball is thrown through the air it will eventually hit the ground due to gravity. Using Euler's method, write a short script (Python, Matlab, R, etc.) to find the trajectory of the ball which will maximize the distance the ball lands from the thrower taking into account air...

  6. 3-043-S-BallisticModeling-SpongeDart

    20 Nov 2018 | | Contributor(s):: Jean Marie Linhart, Peter Howard

    The goal of this project is for students to develop, analyze, and compare three different models for the flight of a sponge dart moving under the influences of gravity and air resistance. The first two models are based respectively on the common simplifying assumptions of no air resistance and...

  7. 1-066-S-USCensusModeling

    15 Sep 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Jean Marie Linhart

    The United States Census, conducted every 10 years, gives data on the United States population, that can be modeled.