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  1. Spring 2020!

    29 Jan 2020 | Posted by Dina Yagodich

    I'm fresh off of the JMM meetings where I helped with one of the Minicourses on SIMIODE.  I met some great new people and reconnected with old friends (not age, but how long I've known...


  2. The day before school starts...

    27 Jan 2019 | Posted by Dina Yagodich

    I've got my m&m's ready to go!  Just finished my syllabus (file:Yagodich_D_MA213-1_Spring_2019.docx not found), my course outline...


  3. A Three-Fold Approach to the Heat Equation: Data, Modeling, Numerics

    13 Oct 2016 | Posted by Brian Winkel

    James Puckett and Kimberly Spayd have authored a wonderful article in the current issue of PRIMUS with full citation: Spayd, K. and J. Puckett. 2016. A Three-Fold Approach to the Heat Equation:...


  4. 2015-Winkel, Brian - Sample SIMIODE Course Syllabus

    24 Jun 2015 | Contributor(s):: Brian Winkel

    Sample SIMIODE Course Syllabus        This syllabus is designed for a 15 week, 3 credit hour course using experimentation,  modeling, and technology to lead students through a traditional sequence of  differential equations topics.  All...