NSF SIMIODE Workshops - Summer 2020



Announcing and Inviting Applications

for NSF SIMIODE Summer Workshops

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and SIMIODE

Cancelled for Summer 2020

Rescheduled for Summer 2021

5-Day SIMIODE Practitioners Workshop

Ideal for those who would like to learn more about how to foster a modeling-first approach in the classroom. Workshop includes hands-on demonstration, group discussions, and activities facilitated by experienced faculty. MINDE (Model INstructors in Differential Equations) Fellows selected for this workshop have a $300 registration fee and are provided all materials and room and board for 5 days.

4-Day Intensive SIMIODE Developer’s Workshop

Those with experience and ideas for writing differential equations modeling scenarios for classroom use are encouraged to apply. DEMARC (Differential Equations Model and Resource Creators) Fellows who are selected for this workshop are fully funded, including travel up to $600, room & board, and a stipend up to $600. Applicants are asked to provide evidence of successful modeling scenario development. The workshop will provide training and support for creating new modeling scenarios.

Complete information and application process here:  DEMARC and MINDE .