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  1. 1-003-S-Text-IntroNumericalMethods

    10 Jan 2019 | Technique Narratives | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    We ask students to develop two numerical methods for solving first order differential equations  geometrically and to compute numeric solutions and compare them to the analytic solutions for...


  2. SCUDEM III 2018 - Author Commentary on Problems and Submissions

    06 Jan 2019 | General Resources | Contributor(s): Kelly Black

    The Fall 2018 SIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equations Modeling (SCUDEM III 2018) featured three problems. Some observations of the work submitted by the student teams is given here. It is...


  3. 2019 JMM - AMS Special Session - Opportunities for Community in Using Modeling to Teach Differential Equations at SIMIODE

    03 Jan 2019 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    SIMIODE – Systemic Initiative for Modeling Investigations and Opportunities with Differential Equations  (www.simiode.org) is an online and vibrant community of students and teachers...


  4. 2015-Yrogovchenko-ModelingAlcoholConsumption - PowerPoint

    16 Dec 2018 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    Article Review and Annotation Ragovchenko, Yuriy. 2015. Dull, dizzy, or dead: Models of Alcohol Consumption in Undergraduate Teaching. Presented  in Brno NORWAY. 7 December 201. Power...


  5. 3-009-S-BallDropInWater

    16 Dec 2018 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s): Brian Winkel

    We conduct an analysis of a falling ball in liquid to determine its terminal velocity and to ascertain just what radius ball for a given mass density is necessary to attain a designated terminal...


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