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  1. 1-160-S-HeartDeathRate

    20 Sep 2021 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s):: Arati Nanda Pati

    In this modeling scenario, we offer students simulation experience from a given data set which represents the heart death rate during the period 2000 - 2010 using several approaches to include exponential decay, difference equation, differential equation, and parameter estimation using EXCEL. We...

  2. 2021-Radhka, T. S. L. - Notes on Frobenius method

    06 Sep 2021 | Articles and Publications | Contributor(s):: T S L Radhika

    Radhka, T. S. L. 2021. Notes on Frobenius methodAbstract: This article explains and demonstrates applications of the Frobenius theory as discussed in thebook by Simmons on “Differential Equations with Applications and Historical Notes.” We specificallydiscuss the...

  3. 9-030-S-WaterHammer

    31 Aug 2021 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s):: Panagiotis D. Scarlatos

    The students will develop and apply a numerical algorithm that solves a system of two nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs). The equations involved are nonlinear and of hyperbolic type. The problem to be solved is an initial-boundary value problem that describes the time evolution of...

  4. 6-075-S-LorenzSystemSimulation

    27 Aug 2021 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s):: Vladimir Riabov

    The Lorenz system will be examined by students as a simple model of chaotic behavior (also known as strange attractor). MATLAB code has been created to find the numerical solutions of the Lorenz’ system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations using various parameters, as well as to...

  5. 9-125-S-BeamModeling

    27 Aug 2021 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s):: Brody Dylan Johnson

    This modeling scenario examines the deflection of a cantilever beam under two different distributed loads. Students will have the opportunity to conduct experiments with their own cantilever beam or use data provided in the student version. A mathematical model for the beam deflection will be...

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