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  1. 1-145-S-FastPitch

    23 Jan 2022 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s):: Erich McAlister

    Pitch velocity is one of the most fascinating statistics in baseball, as documented in the 2015 documentary Fastball. Modern measurements of pitch velocity are taken as the maximum velocity achieved at any point between the pitcher's hand and home plate. However, the velocity of the ball...

  2. 4-036-S-AltitudeDependentGravity

    22 Jan 2022 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s):: Jakob Kotas

    Basic projectile motion without air resistance typically assumes gravity is constant. In reality, the acceleration due to gravity is proportional to the inverse-square of the distance between the centers of mass of the Earth and the projectile. When projectiles are near to Earth's surface,...

  3. 4-039-S-FallingDarts

    21 Jan 2022 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s):: Jacob Paul Duncan

    Most projectile motion and free fall models are based on the assumption that gravity is the only force acting on the object. Here we develop, solve, and analyze a second order nonhomogeneous differential equation model for free fall which incorporates air resistance. Students will solve the model...

  4. 1-102C-S-CancerGrowth

    19 Jan 2022 | Modeling Scenarios | Contributor(s):: Jennie D'Ambroise

    This module guides students in the use of differential equation models to predict cancer growth and study treatment outcomes. Several classical models for cancer growth are presented including exponential, power law, Bertalanffy, logistic, and Gompertz. Students solve first-order differential...

  5. Potential Scenario Ideas : nuclear fusion for electric power generation?

    17 Jan 2022 | Potential Scenario Ideas | Contributor(s):: Andrew M Ross

    It occurred to me that students thinking about climate change might want to take a look at electric power generation via nuclear fusion. I know very little about this area, but perhaps someone out there does? I think students would be interested in just about any of the proposed technologies:...

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